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It Is Very Easy to Talk to him

Austadh Sameer Hamadi one of the best arabic language teachers

Sameer is one of the excellent teachers in Arabic world . Through your free trial with Sameer you will note easily that he is a great arabic language teacher and he is great person to talk with him and discuss.

Sameer has worked as an arabic language teacher online and offline.his arabic language students came from arround the world, they could to speak arabic language while they came from USA,Uk,Japan,Chience ..

Years of Experiences : 16 years

Number of Delivered Learning Hours : 1500

Number of Attended Students :130 students

Number of Delivered Lessons:500

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Your Arabic Language Coach Program

Your Arabic Language Coach

5$ Per Hour

If you are thinking about just practice your Arabic Language then this course is what you are looking for.

Language coaching is similar to any other coaching situation whether it be a basketball coach, a personal trainer or a life coach. A coach’s job is not to play the game or do the workout or live the life of the athlete or person, but rather to help create training situations, offer feedback, provide encouragement and give direction to help facilitate the most effective and efficient learning program for each individual. As a language coach, my role is to assist you as a learner:

  • To help you create a personal language learning plan;
  • To give you loads of ideas and activities for learning the language;
  • To connect you with the best resources for learning;
  • To stay encouraged, motivated and excited about learning the language;
  • To give you a measure of accountability to help you reach your goals;
  • To provide a thorough assessment of your proficiency and the methods you are using to learn.

Language coaching is a term which normally refers to Arabic language learning and teaching but with a special emphasis on a coach encouraging learner independence or autonomous learning in higher-level learners of the language.There are also greater numbers of competent users of English who benefit more from a coach providing language support than a teacher in the traditional sense. In a globalised world, English communication and personal success are increasingly interdependent and thus language coaching has aspects in common with life coaching.

This course may include: Reading, conversation, short stories, translate song, and more!


Arabic Language Courses

Arabic Language Courses By Subjects

If you are thinking about studying specific subject in Arabic Language like Modern Standard Arabic MSA Courses, Classical Arabic Courses, Arabic for the Media Course or Arabic Literature then click on read more to know the details and prices.

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Arabic Language Courses By Levels

If you are studying Arabic language for the first time or you are in the first level, then we recommend for you to follow this way to study Arabic language .
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Arabic Language Courses By Books

Some students comes to our schools with their books in the bag, where are a group of some famous Arabic Languages books and they wanted to study that specific book.
Click on read more to know that books and the prices too.

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Arabic Language Courses By Dialects

Finally. are you thinking about studying a specific Arabic language dialect?
we are teaching two Arabic language dialects Yemeni and Egyptian.
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