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Alef Baa is an online institute of Arabic and Quran studies connecting you to a qualified and experienced male or female native arab online Quran teacher.

Our structured courses will help you to achieve your goals in allocated time period. Activities during the course period are monitored and attendance of each lesson is marked. We ensure the progress of student with the help of regular reports which are available for the student's parent to check the overall course progress. Syllabus and course material will be provided once you enroll and you will be a assigned one of our qualified teacher of your choice. Get your level assessed in free trial lesson and start learning today


Understand the meaning of the Quran by learning the classical Arabic OR if you are planning to visit/locate to an arab country we have a special course of spoken Arabic (Modern Arabic) for you.


Learn how to read Quran fluently starting from Arabic alphabets. Joining of letters to make words and reading the Arabic script of the Quran will be covered in Quran Reading courses.


Learn the technique of reciting the Quran as per the required tajweed rules. Tajweed department has beginners to advanced level courses. All courses of tajweed are based on hafs style of recitation.

Virtual Classroom

Our virtual classroom has the highest quality sound and graphic which provides crystal clear full duplex voice transmission between teacher and students. We use the powerful latest conference technology. In our virtual classroom, student will be able to chat with the teacher through audio,video and text. Our powerful software allows students to practice their Arabic or Tajweed on the whiteboard with the teacher.