Alefbaa is an educational platform, brings learning to life, your life..  offering Modern Standard Arabic through a self paced program that immerses you in the mystique of Arab culture as you engage with the language itself which is the way we believe the Arabic language should be taught. Alefbaa as well is the best place where you can find your best Quran and Tajweed tuition.

Online Alefbaa:

Live lessons with a trained, qualified teacher are an essential component to producing a student of intermediate advanced proficiency.
While it is generally acknowledged that study abroad is one of the best ways to consolidate one’s knowledge and use of a language, we also understand that living overseas for an extended time is not always possible due to various factors, including one’s domestic academic pursuits, career, family, or finances. Fortunately, advances in communications technology and mobile internet access have created many promising opportunities for education online. And yet, with the rapid rate of these advances and advantages and perhaps due to the surfeit of educational possibilities they are creating discussion goes on about the most appropriate scope, method, and realistic limitations of online learning.

Our Vision

To provide best Education services in the field of online learning, specially for the Arabic Language, Quran reading and Tajweed studies.

Our Mission

To provide the best Arabic language, Quran reading and Tajweed education service worldwide at an affordable price and always focus on the needs of our customers, offering them an effective and enjoyable Arabic language, Quran reading and Tajweed learning experience.