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Sammer Al-Hammadi – Arabic Language Teacher, Tutor and Coach

Hello guys!
I think you are looking to study Arabic online, so don’t waste your time! If you are thinking about getting some advice beforehand, Sameer, your new Arabic language teacher, is here and he will give you whatever advice you need before you begin studying the Arabic language.

Personal Information

42 years old
Married, 2 kids

Now, let’s take a closer look at Sameer’s work experience as an Arabic language teacher and his unique tutoring skills.

1- Local Institute for Arabic Languages 2003-2005

There at the Local Institute for Arabic Languages, I started my journey of teaching Arabic 16 years ago.

I taught Arabic for more than 5 years there. The majority of my students were from all over the world, different nationalities, American, British, Japanese, Chinese, Malaysian, you name it.

All of them are great people and I still remember them well and sometimes we correspond via email.

Most of my experiences there were about teaching the Standard Arabic Language, beginner to advanced, individually and in groups. I also taught the Arabic language for various purposes, including the economy, media, news and literature, in addition to classical and Quranic Arabic.

As part of my teaching philosophy, I encouraged my students to get to know the culture, meet local Arab people and to participate in everyday activities. You can see my pictures with them on trips we took together. From time to time we attended Yemeni wedding parties together, smoked shisha, and watched Arabic movies.

Studying a language among the natives was a great opportunity the institute provided to Arabic language students.

There, students have to do their best to learn the language and integrate with native speakers so that they study and practice what they’ve learned at once.

Difficulties faced by my students at the institute.

The biggest problem my students faced once they arrived in Sana’a and started studying Arabic at the institute was the slang (dialect, colloquial).

Contrary to what they have studied in the classes, the people in the streets were using, sometimes different vocabularies to express the phrases that they have learned in the class.

There is no doubt that this was disappointing at first, but they have learned to overcome this obstacle by practicing the Arabic language through direct participation in day to day activities with the locals.


2- UNDP and UNICEF Staff Groups 2005-2006

My experience teaching at the Local Institute for Arabic Languages wasn’t the only amazing experience I had at the time, but it also rather amazingly provided me with an excellent opportunity of getting to know students from different NGOs operating in Yemen, including GTZ, UNDP, UNICEF, MSF, US Special Forces, as well as other organizations.

I was fortunate to work with these organizations, giving private classes to individuals and groups in their headquarters’ offices.

3- British Online Institute 2010 -2017

The next step in my career was to become a part of the British Online Institute team back in April 2010.
With it, I developed a new method of teaching Arabic. I had tried teaching online in the past but it was a path full of difficulties. Having remained persistent, I eventually succeed.
The institute was a huge step in my carrier. There, I became an excellent teacher.
Hundreds of sessions and hours of teaching the Arabic language have been delivered to a vast range of international students. I worked as an Arabic language instructor for 5 years and was then promoted to headteacher of the Arabic language department for another 2 years.

By joining the institute, I got acquainted with new online learning methods which integrated modern learning methods with traditional ones while also taking into consideration the distance to keep students focused on the lesson.

The second thing I want to mention here is that there was a large number of young students. Teaching kids Arabic over the internet was somewhat challenging.

I have taught these kids how to read and write in Arabic and it was kind of funny when the parents leave the kid to study alone with me and the kid wants to go out and play and doesn’t respond to me at all.

4- 2009-2012

Wiziq was a type of private work allowing me to try to take a different approach and increase engagement. I would start by offering free Arabic language classes and have taught a total of 150 hours. I still have my profile on Wiziq along with 10 reviews.

5- 2015 is a family project in which my brother Essam takes care of the marketing while I teach.
Essam is an experienced digital marketer. He has successfully been introducing Arabic language students to my classes even before was established.
And that’s what makes unique. It’s a family project!

6- Private lessons and student I have right now 2017

Because I have many contacts and have worked for many organizations, I am regularly asked to give private Arabic language lessons and most of those take place online.
I currently teach Arabic to 5 individual students so book your class now, before I’m all booked! LOL


7- Malaysia 2018 – 2019

I was in Malysia where I have taught at an institute for a year and half.

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