Subject : Arabic Language Crammer (1)

Duration : 2-4 hours

Cost : free

Date and time:

Saturday 2nd of  November 2019

06:00 PM GMT Zone Time
07:00 PM London City Time
02:00 PM New York City Time
11:30 PM New Delhi City Time
08:00 PM Paris City Time
09:00 PM Istanbul City Time

Course Outline:

a.Identify and use Arabic script
b. Identify and use personal pronouns
c. Identify and use present verb forms, identify past and future

The Tutor:

Austadh Sameer Hamadi one of the best arabic language teachers

Sameer has worked as an Arabic language teacher for the past 16 years and has taught Arabic language courses online and offline to students from all over the world. Regardless of their native tongue, students from the US, UK, Japan and China have learned to speak Arabic with Sameer.

An exemplary communicator, patent and kind, he skillfully guides you through your Free Trial With Sameer, effectively preparing you for the lessons ahead. Always attentively focused on your goal of becoming fluent in Arabic, he readily answers any questions you might have along the way.

Years of Experiences: 16

Number of Delivered Learning Hours: 1500

Number of Attended Students: 130

Number of Delivered Lessons: 50


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