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Modern Stander Arabic

This course is designed specifically for youth and adults. This program takes you from having zero experience in the language to a high advanced level of fluency. It comprises of nine courses that brings you to mastery over modern Arabic language grammar and morphology to be able to read, write and understand Arabic language texts, media, and news. The Al-Kitaab resources with over 300 videos, pdfs, and audio clips that cover the al-Kitaab Books to help you get the edge in your Arabic studies.

Spoken Arabic ( Colloquial,  dialects )

Long term Standard Spoken Arabic:

This program will help you mastering spoken Arabic whilst immersing you in Arab culture as you learn to speak Arabic. It comprises of three levels that brings you to mastery over reading, writing and pronouncing Arabic letters, and equips you with grammar topics and speaking skills for those interested in living or working in an Arab country.

Quick Spoken Arabic Course:
This course is for those students who wish to acquire a certain amount of proficiency in spoken Arabic in a short span of time.

Classical Arabic Language

This course will benefit those students who want to learn Arabic as a second language for the purpose of learning the Holy Quran, Hadith, and Islamic sciences. Classical Arabic courses are based on fus-ha which is the dialect of the Quran.  It comprises of three levels that Madinah Book Series as a base to teach fus-ha from, as well as wide range of other resources. The course is especially designed for a non-native arab whose mother tongue is not Arabic language.