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Arabic Language

This course is designed specifically for youth and adults. This program takes you from having zero experience in the language to a high advanced level of fluency. It comprises of nine courses that brings you to mastery over modern Arabic language grammar and morphology to be able to read, write and understand Arabic language texts, media, and news.

Basic Quran Reading

This course is the first step to Quran reading designed for beginners (elders or children) who have no prior knowledge about how to read Quran or Arabic language. In this course, students are taught Arabic Alphabets and vowels, joining of letters to make words and reading of the Arabic Script of the Quran. A successful completion of this course will enable student to read the Quran insha-Allah.

Tajweed Studies

this course is for students who know how to read Al-Quran and would like to recite Quran with proper pronunciation and voice. Due to the nature of Arabic language (the language of the Quran), it is extremely important that its letters, words and sentences are pronounced as per its requirement.